PE-Film for Doner and Meat Industry

Our environmentally friendly PE-Films are optimally convenient for the doner production and are used in all meat processing plants for the production of doner and gyros.
The unique property qualities of our PE-Films is the first choice of the meat industry.

Product Qualities
  •   Very good adhesive and stretch quality
  •   Not sticky
  •   Convenient for shock freezing
  •   Resistance to cracks and hits
  •   High tensile strength for frozen foods
  •   Odorless and tasteless
  •   Food-safe
  •   Enviromentally friendly
  •   100% recycleable


Technical Data

Quality Food-safe, transparent
Width 29 cm
Thickness 12,5 μm
Length Any length upon request is available
VPE* 24 Roll / Cardboard Box
28 Roll / Cardboard Box

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