Aluminium Paper Core for the production of Doner.

Our Doner cores are in compliance with the European Norms and Standards. Doner cores are made of coated cardboard and paper.
All standard lengths are available in our product range.

Product Qualities and Properties
  •   Doner cores of paper : inside and outside coated with aluminium
  •   Food-safe
  •   All common lengths available
  •   Environmentally-friendly
  •   100% recyclable

Aluminium cores for doner

made of cardboard and paper. Inside and outside coated with aluminium

Technical Data

Quality Laminated paper, spirally winded
Dimension 17,0 x 2,5 mm
Length 35-40-45-50-55-60-65-70-75 cm
Packaging Unit 224 Pieces / Cardboard Box

All Products for meat production

Doner PE-film

Aluminium Paper Core

Aluminium Profile

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