Aluminium Household Foil for foods and gastronomy

We offer high quality aluminium household foils in two different width ranges from our stocks. Upon request we are able to provide customized and private label aluminium kitchen foils too.
We supply aluminium household foils in different lengths and widths with alternatively one or four rolls packed in cardboard packages and on pallets.
Our aluminium kitchen foils are in compliance with European and international standard.

Product Properties
  •   Tear- and heat-resistant.
  •   Food-safe
  •   Environment-friently
  •   100% recycleable

Aluminium Household Foil

We deliver our aluminium household foil products in rolls packaged in cardboard boxes and on pallets.

Technical Data

Specification Food-suitable / Food-safe.
Width 29 - 44 cm
Strongth 10,5 - 14 μm
Lenght any length upon request is possible
Packaging Unit 4 Rolls / Cardboard Box
1 Roll / Cardboard Box

Cutter Boxes

We offer two varieties of cutter boxes with 30 cm and 45 cm roll widths.
The cutter boxes are delivered in cardboard boxes and on pallets. Each cardboard box has optionally four or six cutter boxes and foil rolls as well.

Aluminium Sealing Foil

Technical Data

Specifications PS, PVC, PP (PE)
Width 250 mm
Length 230 m
Packaging Unit 1 Roll / Cardboard Box

Film and Foils from our own production plant

Aluminium Foil

for food industries

PE-Film and PVC-Films

for food industries

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